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The Future of Food

'The time has come to reclaim the stolen harvest, and celebrate the growing and giving of food as the highest gift and most revolutionary act' – Vandana shiva

All around the world today, a massive grassroots movement of people is creating a fantastic future for healthier communities and a healthier planet, through sustainable food production. It’s based on fair trade, organic and community supported agriculture, farmers markets, community and backyard food growing, and local food co-ops. It’s about sharing knowledge about growing and preparing wholesome, healing food, and ensuring all people have access to healthy food.

It’s a stark difference to the dominating agri-business food production and distribution system of today, which is environmentally and socially destructive. This system’s pumped up on oil, hazardous chemicals, drugs and genetic modification, and run by biotechnology, supermarket and fast food chains, who abuse their power. This system’s driving farmers all around the world to poverty, social isolation, and even suicide. It’s driving the life from our land, the health from our bodies and the soul from our communities. It's creating, not solving, problems of poverty and climate change. And who wants that??

With every meal, we have the opportunity to support a different food production system – one based on producing vibrant, healthy food with the well-being of people, animals and the land at heart. At Happy Earth, by demonstrating organic backyard food production, and encouraging people to share healthy foods and the stories behind our food, we hope to make a small, yet meaningful contribution to creating a food production system with a future. Don’t underestimate the effect your food choices have – it’s the small every day decisions we make in our lives that collectively create the world we live in. The future of food is in our hands.



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