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biopaint.jpgPaints that are eco friendly and won't harm your health by off gasing those nasty fumes that can aggravate asthma, irritate our eyes, nose and throats and causing lethargy - sounds good to us!

You might be suprised to know there are alternatives to standard paints- we certainly were! BIO paints are high quality non-toxic paints made from plants and minerals, not petrochemicals. You won't find them in your standard paint shop, but with demand from health and eco-conscious consumers, alternatives to standard paints are becoming more available.

The Natural Paint Place in Newtown is really helpful and delivers BIO paints to Wollongong. We're really happy with the BIO primer and BIO wall paint that we used to paint the inside of our home. And we love that the paints are 100% biodegradable so you can wash the brushes out onto the grass! 


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