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In The Beginning


'Vision is not seeing things as they are, but as they will be'


Grass. Lots of grass. Soil smothered under two hundred and fifty square meters of concrete. A nine metre in ground swimming pool, a massive garage and an eclectic collection of garden shacks. A couple of roses in an exposed front yard, and a few small trees out the back.

 A solidly built 1950's commission house, with a lot of dodgy DIY additions, including a shockingly designed back room we fondly call 'The Oven' as it's just like a greenhouse and gets so hot you could cook a jacket potato on your rocking chair....     

front yard.jpg lower backyard.jpg upper backyard.jpg

This good sized, north to north-west facing patch of land was just asking to be turned into a flourishing food forest with a vibrant vegetable patch, plenty of habitat for wildlife, ponds, and places to sooth the human soul. And the house has plenty of potential for us to learn how to create a sustainable home and lifestyle in your average suburban house.

So, founded on dreams of demonstrating urban sustainability the journey of Happy Earth began one bright day in July 2007….

Original Landscape Layout
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