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Mushroom and apple foraging adventures in the Southern Highlands

What fun we had on our first mushroom foraging adventure this weekend, thanks to some mushrooming enthusiast friends of ours. Venturing into Belanglo State Forest in autumn after rain, we were met with a mushroom fairyland!

Amongst the exotic pine forest we focused on finding Saffron Milkcaps

and Slippery Jacks.

We felt lucky to have our friend Nat, who’s family has been foraging mushrooms for years, to show us the ropes. You can never be too careful with foraging mushrooms, and really need to be sure of what you are foraging, as many mushrooms are poisonous.

After a couple of hours foraging our group of nine adults had found over 10 kilos of edible mushrooms. We cooked some up for lunch with butter and garlic and they were quite tasty.

At home we have all experimented with different ways to use and preserve our mushies – making mushroom mince with tofu, mushroom risotto, preserving them etc.

On the way home, just outside of Moss Vale we spotted a fantastic roadside apple tree, just loaded with apples calling to be harvested. In 10 minutes of group foraging we probably had over 15 kilos of tasty apples!

Have you been on any foraging adventures?

Reader Comments (2)

Thank you for such a great article and beautiful pictures. We now wish to try foraging in Belango forest ourselves. We did it in Oberon last year and were amazed - there were mushrooms everywhehere and we had full baskets within one hour. But we also went to Oberon 2 weeks ago and ended up with empty baskets.
Do you have any recommendations, road names, where exactly to go in Belango forest?
Thank you.
April 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterArina
I have a different experience of foraging. A few weeks back my front lawn was a bonanza of magnificent mushrooms and being forager at heart, I picked nearly all of them making about 3 - 4 kilos. I was thrilled and straight away cooked some and ate them. However, as soon as I finished eating them it occurred to me to check the internet. Let me just say that I got so worried and into such a tizz that I made myself sick and have been unable to eat mushrooms since, even bought ones. I would still love to learn which foraged mushrooms are safe to eat but it will be a long time before I can eat them again.
June 17, 2015 | Unregistered Commentervonnie

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