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New water tank

It’s been dry around here until recently – unusually dry. A couple weekends ago we installed a new 5,000 litre watertank to complement our existing 9,000 litre water tank. What good timing it was as over the last week the heavens have opened!

We opted for a plastic tank, as they have a long lifespan in the slimline size. We were originally planning for a steel tank, but were advised in a slimline size they are liable to fail a lot earlier than plastic ones.

Our rainwater tanks are connected to one another, so if one tank fills the water flows into the other. The 9000 litre tank we’ve had for a number of years has been empty for a while recently. We’ve got a simple rain gauge in the garden, and we’ve estimated after only 80mm of rain, both tanks filled to the brim.

Over the last week we’ve gotten over 175mm of rain – a wonderful soaking for the soil and a great start to the spring growing season just around the corner! 

Reader Comments (4)

Hi, I am interested in the brand of your water tank - it looks ideal for the tight spot we have in mind to install a tank. Many thanks. :-)
August 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKeri
Nice! We're on tank water, and had to buy some in last month. I didn't mind too much, since it meant we had no rain during our renovations :-).

Interestingly, the same thing happened the only other time we've had to buy water - within just a few weeks of buying, we got enough rain to fill our tanks right up. Needless to say, I'm now taking measures to expand our storage a bit, which will hopefully be enough to avoid having to buy next time!
August 26, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDarren (Green Change)
G'day guys, we live a couple of KM's north of you near the Uni.
Who did your installation for your tank?
November 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew

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