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Healthy Sustainable Home

'Our green buildings will not poison the air, nor the soul with artificiality.  Instead they will create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied and regret when departing.  They will grow organically in and from their place, integrating people within the rest of the natural world, do no harm to their occupants or to the earth, foster more biodiverse and abundant life than they borrow, take less than they give back.  They will be not only useful but an aethetic and spiritual challenge' - Anon


Ally%20with%20pumpkins.jpgThink of a sustainable home and you might think of a new, sleek, eco-architect designed house, decked out with solar panels and a few native shrubs in the garden, and a price tag that’s just as sleek….or a cute little mud brick self sufficient cottage on a few acres out in the country. While this is all fantastic, it can leave most of us feeling like a sustainable home is out of our budget or completely impractical. And that’s so not the case!

With a bit of creativity and smart thinking, we can all make our homes more sustainable and enjoyable, and improve our health and wellbeing along the way. It’s all about doing what we can, when we can, celebrating our achievements and having fun. And it’s all about good food! Fresh, organic food from your backyard, or local growers, is so important not only for your health, but a sustainable home. Food’s now the biggest single contributor to our greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and our ecological footprint - the amount of land needed to support us.  Sustainable homes are about living smart - getting into the habit of using water, wastes and energy wisely in our everyday lives. And it's about being creative and retrofitting to make smart living easier.

Some of the changes we’ve made in our home are: switching to green power, installing ceiling insulation and solar hot water, and using natural paints and cleaning products. You can see these, and other changes that are helping make our home more sustainable in the picture below:


HappyEarth Internal Design
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We wish you luck on your journey making your home more sustainable! Take pride in the small, positive changes you can make, and enjoy your healthier, more sustainable home!