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Ecological Gardening

Ecological gardening, like sustainable living, is about seeing ourselves, our homes and our gardens as important parts of local and global ecosystems. It’s about exploring the stories behind what comes into our gardens, and what goes out, and how we can make small positive changes, which have rippling effects far beyond our back fence.

Ecological%20Gardening.JPGHere’s some of the ways we are/plan to garden ecologically:

  • Growing lots of our own food organically, to bring food closer to our hearts and plates. See the Future of Food for more info
  • Creating a food forest, which is not only the most efficient way of growing, but creates valuable habitat for wildlife
  • Planting lots of local native species
  • Not planting species that are likely to become local weeds such as strawberry guava or grafted passionfruits
  • Creating habitat for wildlife through having layers of vegetation, lots of mulch, hidey holes such as in old pipes and rocks, frog ponds, etc
  • Planting species that are suited to our climate and locality, and strategically placing them in optimal positions, to minimise the need for high inputs of water etc
  • Questioning where things coming into the garden are from, such as rocks, mulch and plants, and trying to source things that are locally, sustainably and ethically produced/harvested. 
  • Irrigating effectively and minimising the need to water by planting at times when rainfall is predicted, and temperatures are cool. 
  • Focusing on building the health of the soil, and not simply applying synthetic fertilisers, to ensure that nutrients are not leeched from our property and contributing to excess nutrient problems in our local creeks and elsewhere

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