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Chicken and Duck House

Chook%20house%20water%20tank.JPGChickens and ducks are the best pets! As well as being great company and providing eggs, they reduce our workload by scratching around and aerating the soils, eating up pests, and improving the soil with their manure. Our 'girls' free range through the back garden during the day (fenced off from the veggie bed!) and are locked up in their house at night.

Features of their 5 star 'eco chick' retreat include:

  • Ample space (3 metres by 3 metres and 2 metres high)
  • Cosy sleeping quarters enclosed on three sides, but with ventilation coming through the top, and the eastern side
  • A covered outdoor area
  • Thickly mulched floor
  • Protection from predators and pests, with avairy wire enclosing all sides, and iron sheeting submerged to 30cm below the ground 
  • Made from recyled timber, fencing, guttering, and clading
  • Water supplied from their own water tank, which is fed from guttering on their roof
  • Evergreen fruit trees to the north and west, and a deciduous fig to the east to provide extra protection from winds, as well as allowing warming winter sun and cooling shade in the summer. 
  • Ample supply of wormwood nearby to provide insect detterent bedding


So far we have two silkie chickens, and once our garden is more established, we plan to add two more chickens and two ducks to our harem of beautiful birds!