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Eugenia aggregata



Fruit: The delicious, dark red-purple fruits are cherry-like in flavour and make a great substitute for those growing in warm climates such as the Illawarra.   They ripen a few weeks from flowering.

Growth Habit: The Cherry of the Rio Grande is a beautiful yet tough, fast-growing, multi-branched small tree/shrub reaching about 4-5m in height.  

Foliage/Flowers: The attractive leaves are dark glossy-green and folded slightly in the centre.  The flowers are showy and white.  They are self-fertile so only one tree is needed to set fruit.


Adaptation: This attractive tree is quite hardy and easy to grow.  It has good wind resistance and could be grown as a small wind break.  Grow in full sun for maximum productivity.

Soils : Tolerant of a variety of soils, but grows best in slightly acidic soils.

Irrigation : The tree is drought tolerant but regular watering is needed to ensure a good crop during flowering and fruit development.  Mulching will reduce water loss from its shallow root structure. 

Pruning : Pruning is not really necessary for this tree other than to remove dead or diseased wood.  It can be pruned to form a decorative hedge.

Propagation : Typically grown from seed, though seedlings may take 5 years to fruit.  Seedlings generally come true-to-type.

Pests and diseases : Generally trouble free.  Birds are probably the main pests for anyone growing this tree.

Harvest: Harvest when fruits turn a deep purple color.  The fruit can be eaten fresh or frozen for later use or used in jellies, jams and juices.  Harvest Oct-Nov.