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We’re on an adventure in urban sustainability - but we haven't moved out to a self-sufficient cottage in the countryside or built a brand new eco-home. We're giving it a go right where we are  - in a typical house, in a typical suburb, ten minutes from the heart of Wollongong, a bustling city on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. 

For us being sustainable is really about living happier, healthier lives and feeling good about doing things that are good for us, the planet and our community.

This site is where we share our adventures exploring the possibilities of growing food, growing community and all things green.

Ally and Rich

Please Note

This website is not-for-profit and we make no money from our recommendations. The suggestions we give are made in good faith from our research and experience into healthy, sustainable living in Wollongong. All knowledge is created and constantly changing, and like everyone else we are always learning, may change our minds, and sometimes make mistakes! Please note we cannot offer responsibility for the outcomes of any actions you take in response to our suggestions. We encourage you to do your own research, put your ideas into actions, and share your experiences with others.